How To Succeed At Anything

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Today I was reminded of how to succeed at anything I want to in live This lesson was brought to me by a 5 year old girl. For those that know me – you know that my family is everything (for those that don’t know, now you do!) Anyway – my daughter (aged 5) has been learning to ride a bike forever!  I love my daughter with all I am – and feel no shame in saying that physical activities like this do not come easy to her – she’s a complete academic instead But we’ve been coaching her slowly …

Drink More And Feel Better!

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Sounds like a Saturday night task doesn’t it! Everyone feels better after a few glasses of wine or a couple of pints – but sadly this article isn’t going to promote that. 

Stop Listening

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It's a strange statement right? - let me explain..
I was doing some cooking preparation in the kitchen yesterday whilst my son was wondering round

For some reason he's obsessed with removing the potatoes from the draw we keep them in and placing them in the other draws 

Now no matter how many times we tell him not to he keeps doing this

It's actually quite interesting to watch - his face is that of curiousity and of someone on a such an important mission that nothing's going to stop him

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