How to keep going when you feel like giving up

How to Keep Going When You Feel like Giving Up

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It’s not uncommon for people to give up on their health and fitness regime. In fact, most of us have probably thrown in the towel numerous times over the years.

There is always one or multiple reasons that makes someone give up. And you’ll know that you’re starting to feel like this when you feel negative and frustrated about your efforts.


So, why would someone give up?

There’s any number of reasons why people give up:

  • They have no drive to actually go and workout
  • They’re lacking motivation
  • They’re not seeing the results they want
  • They don’t enjoy what they’re doing

But are any of these a reason to actually give up? The answer is no!

Look, I totally understand that it’s frustrating if you’re not progressing how you had imagined. So if you’re feeling like you want to give up then take a look at these tips to help you keep going.


Remember that it will take time

Change takes time and you’re not going to see results overnight. Different people will see weight loss and fitness results at different times so comparing yourself to others is pointless.

Think about it… if you give up now then you’re not going to see any results until you decide to take your fitness regime back up again.


Look at the things that motivate you

Why did you start your health and fitness journey in the first place? What gave you that motivation or drive to make that change?

When self-doubt starts creeping in you need to remember why you started. Focus on your goals and the things that motivate you and allow them to push you forward.


Just keep going

You might not feel like working out right now but if you just go and do it you’ll feel the benefits. Even though you may feel like you don’t have the energy for it you can still get yourself to do a few minutes at least. And you never know, you just might find an extra boost of energy that will help you to go for longer.


Add some variety to your workouts

A lot of people give up when things get stale or boring. Add some variety, change up your routine and try out different classes to keep things fresh. Keep things fun so that you’ll always have something to look forward to.

There’s lot of ways to change things up, including:

  • High intensity interval training
  • Bootcamps
  • Circuits
  • Getting outdoors for a run or jog
  • Joining a zumba class


Now I want to hear from you!

When things get boring or you get fed up, what do you do to keeping your motivation up so you can keep going?