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Having worked with more local people than I count and litterlly thousands internationally I’ve learnt a thing about how we all think and feel about ourselves before we choose to seek help.

Right now you are probably:

  • Upset that you’ve let your bad habits take over
  • Un-able to identify with the person in the mirror
  • Getting dressed in the dark so you don’t have to see yourself
  • Feeling un-sexy
  • Feeling lost as to where to start as there’s so much conflicting information available
  • Hating yourself for eating junk – and then comforting yourself by eating junk
  • Rarely going clothes shopping as you have to go to the “back of the rack” to find your size
  • Un-comfortable and underconfident in social environments such as parties, pubs or even just standing at the school gates
  • Feeling ashamed when you get out of breath climbing the stairs
  • Masking your pain with humour and saying how you “don’t care” or “are happy” when deep down you’re not
  • Sleeping poorly and finding daily energy a struggle

If you relate to any of these then you have come to the right place.

Firstly – its important to realise that you are not alone. We all have these feelings at times and the only difference between you and the person you admire at work for having a “great figure” is that they took action and did something about it instead of sitting and complaining or feeling sorry for themsleves.

The great news is you can be an action taker too and in time become the person everyone admires for having a great body / having lost weight or for simply being an example to everyone else and to their family.

But don’t just listen to me – see what some of my clients have to say about it.

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Lacey has undergone an increadible change during her journey and achieved 4 stone weight loss in just 6 months…

And how about Vicky who’s stroke saw her scared to do anything for sometime until she decided enough was enough..

The fact is everybody is on their own personal journey through life and far too many fitness programs see clients as the same – instead of treating each person with individual care and attention that they deserve and need in order to succeed. If you want to continue in the same way you have for years starting fitness and dropping out inside a few weeks then go and start one of these programs…

However if you are ready to make a change that will break a lifetimes worth of bad habits and last a lifetime to come then fill in your details below and I’ll be in touch to discuss taking control of your health, fitness and mindset once and for all!!