What our clients say about Next Level Fitness

“At my first 4 week fit test I dropped 32 seconds off my circuit time! Further still at body composition I’d taken over 2inches off my waist! In 4weeks! I’ve tried lots of different ways to lose weight but this works!
I feel more awake, more focused and more full of energy than I have in a long time!”Ian, 26, relationship manager in Douglas
“I’ve been with Next Level For 3 months now and in that short period of time I’m happy to say that my energy levels have massively improved – which when you’ve a 3 year old to run round after, it makes a big difference! I was worried before I started that I wasn’t fit enough to join the class but when I did start I found the class was of mixed ability so I wasn’t on my own! The range of exercises is amazing and every class is different which keeps it interesting. I love Dave’s enthusiasm and he always seems to know the point that I need that extra push when I’m starting to flag a bit!”Andrea, Union Mills
“I hadn’t exercised in years when a friend recommended the Next Level Fitness boot camps, so needless to say I was nervous as what to expect and worried that I wasn’t in good enough shape to join the class. My worries quickly vanished in my first class, I was made to feel comfortable and welcome from the word go and Dave really does make the fitness fun! I was amazed at the mix of abilities and ages in the class. The workouts are made so you can work at your own pace and ability and not feel pressured into having to perform.”
Sharon C, Douglas
“I’ve never been a fan of exercise and thought when joining that I would do the same as I always do – sign up and attend for a few weeks before giving up! I’m happy to say that 18 months on I’m still going strong and still really enjoying it! I’ve managed to get down to a size 12 and more importantly stay there! The classes are really varied which stops me from getting bored easily, the people are friendly and funny and Dave keeps me motivated enough without putting me off. I can’t recommend Next Level Fitness classes enough!”Helen C, Douglas
“When I started with Next Level I was 77kg, I was always feeling sluggish often suffered with back pain. I’d been to a range of fitness classes and never really enjoyed them, so when my partner suggested that we try the boot camp I was apprehensive about it. In a short period of time I started realising this wasn’t like any class id been to before, I was really enjoying it and really looking forward to attending the classes 3 x a week! 2 years on I’m still there, I now weigh 70kg and manage to maintain it, my strength has increased, I feel so much better and my back pain is almost nonexistent! The class is a good mix of muscular and cardiovascular exercises and just when you think you know it all, Dave introduces new exercises to keep you on your toes! I love the mixed ability class and the fact that Dave keeps an eye out so if you’re finding an exercise hard he can make it easier and if you’re finding it easy he can make it hard – and wow can he make it hard! In the two years of attending I’ve never once finished thinking that was boring or feeling like I wasn’t challenged.”
Greg, Onchan
“My goal in joining the boot camps was simple – join a class that I didn’t think was a chore and that’s exactly what it was. The variety is great and Dave’s motivation and passion for what he’s doing is fab! Even in a group you feel as though you get an individual treatment which really helps.”Stacey R, Onchan